Coach Jerry Krause basketball books and basketball videos Coach Jerry Krause basketball books and basketball videos Coach Jerry Krause basketball books and basketball videos


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0Coach Jerry Krause basketball books and basketball videos

Are you looking to jump start your program with some fresh ideas? Coach Krause has put together these three brief, yet informative and effective booklets on primary basketball skills.

The Rebounding Booklet is an 18 page booklet containing introduction to the four basic skills required for rebounding; skills for offensive and defensive rebounding, assessment to measure team skills,  and positioning diagrams.

The Footwork Foundation booklet consists of six pages of tips and ques to improve stance, starts, steps, turns, jumps, stops, passing and catching and shooting.

The Partner Passing booklet consists of 17 pages of instruction on ball handling: dribbling, passing and catching. Learn basic fundaments, principles and cues to improve these skills.


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Basketball Skills & Drills Second Edition

The best-selling book on the basics of the game.

      Book only $15.00      
Coaches Corner - Spring, 2013

Youth Basketball is in serious trouble in this country. I have been involved in a group called "Be Like Coach" which is patterned after the teachings of Coach John Wooden. He along with many like minded professionals were very concerned about the direction of youth sports in America. Thus he helped us form "Be Like Coach" to address the concepts and ideas to take youth sports in a better direction.

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Coach Krause's Philosophy
...I believe every coach should teach fundamentals at each practice and every game.  It is the foundation for basketball success. Click here for more about Coach Krause's philosophy on coaching basketball.




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