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Dear Coach,

Thanks for visiting my website.  I hope to share some of my background, views and teaching philosophies so you can better understand the core foundation behind my books, CDs and videos: tools designed to help you become a better teacher, coach or basketball player.

After many years of playing, coaching and teaching basketball skills, the two things that never change are the fundamentals and athletes wanting to achieve their potential.

Growing up in a small town in the Great Plains of Nebraska, it was sports and the village that raised this child - and in that order.  Little has changed today, except that the towns have become cities and game highlights may be featured on the evening news.

It is my opinion, as a teacher and a coach, that sports are best used as an important avenue to develop young people.  I prefer the "educational sports" approach rather than the business/entertainment aspects of sports.  Educational sports places all decisions squarely on what is best for the athlete and the team.  The most critical person that ultimately determines the worth of the sports experiences is THE COACH; as a teacher, mentor and role model who makes these decisions.  I feel that a coach should first and foremost be a teacher. It is up to coaches to develop the team, and that happens one athlete at a time.  I firmly believe that if a coach is first and foremost a teacher, he will build a team that delivers outstanding performances as well as turn out exceptional individuals.

My mission in life is to know myself, continue to develop my unique talents of teaching, coaching, research and publishing and make the basketball world better by serving others giving back to the game that has been so good to me.

My intent is to lead and serve with a positive attitude, positive actions and positive reactions to the world around me and do so with courage and humility.

My gift is teaching and coaching.

My basketball passion is focused on fundamental skills.

My hope is that I can share these gifts and passions with you.

My Teaching Philosophy - The most helpful tool a coach has is the knowledge of the basics - fundamental skills are the basis for any good offense or defense and will always be that way.  Fundamentals are the foundation for basketball success and therefore, should be taught at each practice and at every game.

My Works. I believe in learning from the past (looking at history) and learning from the best (watching the themes of champion coaches).  No detail is too small to overlook.  My Coaching Basketball book was developed for the 100th anniversary of basketball in 1991 around the theme of champion coaches.  It has become the "gold standard" textbook for basketball coaching classes, now in it's 3rd edition.

I have developed many tools to assist you and your athletes.

Join me in the pursuit of developing young people through educational basketball.  Remember, the greatest gift you give your athletes is your best example - enjoy the experience.

Make it a great day!

Jerry Krause

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