Coach Jerry Krause basketball books and basketball videos

Coach Jerry Krause basketball books and basketball videos

Basketball Skills & Drills (Second Edition)

Edited by: Coach Jerry Krause, Don Meyer, Jerry Meyer

From the back cover:

"A complete teaching and learning package for every secondary school coach and player."  John Wooden, Former Head Bsaketball Coach of 10-time NCAA Champion, UCLA

"Coach Jerry Krause, Don Meyer, and Jerry Meyer bring three generations of basketball playing and coaching expertise to bear on the fundamental skills of basketball.  It is a landmark contribution for all coaches of men's and women's basketball.  If you want to teach the basic skills, this book is a must." Pat Summit, Head Women's Basketball Coach of six-time NCAA Champion, University of Tennessee

Great basketball players like Tim Duncan, Chamique Holdsclaw, and Grant Hill draw oohs and aahs with their spectacular moves.  But before these players developed their superstar flair, they built a solid base of fundamental skills in all phases of the game.

Basketball Skills & Drills provides a perfect blueprint for building the foundation every well-rounded player needs.  Each key individual skill is taught and illustrated, including

basic positioning perimeter moves
moving without the ball post moves
ballhandling defense and rebounding
shooting passing

The 59 drills serve to reinforce the skill instruction and make every practice session more fun and effective.  Coaching tips sprinkled throughout the book emphasize key points and explain how to correct common errors.

Since individual skills are effective in games only when used within the team concept, the book also covers key team principles for both ends of the court.  Tactics for offense, including special situation such as out-of-bounds plays, will improve spacing, ball and player movement, shot selection and scoring.  Defensive tactics emphasize positioning, pressure, and various systems to apply to each area or level of the court.

To be an all-star, a player must first master the basics.  Basketball Skills & Drills is your guide to developing all the fundamentals of the game.

Publisher: Human Kinetics April 1999 (Second Edition)
206 Pages
Soft Cover  8 1/2" x 11"
ISBN: 0-7360-0171-9


Featuring high-quality video demonstration, these discs follow the same progression as the book, drill by drill. But unlike video, which is designed to be watched in sequence, the CD-ROM allows users to jump around from drill to drill with a click of a mouse on the easy-to-follow menu bar.

Minimum System Requirements
IBM PC compatible with Pentium processor
16 MB RAM, 32 MB recommended
4X CD-ROM drive
Windows 95, 98, NT, 2000, XP, or Me.
Sound card

Book only $15.00


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Editorial Reviews

The Basketball Highway
A Great Book Who's 2nd Edition is a Winner!
We review a lot of material here at the Basketball Highway.  For the most part the largest percentage of material is of decent quality and informative.  Every once in a while an exceptional piece of authorship comes across our desk that is actually exciting to write about.  This book is one of those.  There are literally thousands of young coaches who are searching, or maybe better yet the word is craving detailed information on how to properly teach the fundamentals of basketball.  This is no easy task moving from the simple basics to the more complex and is often the case basketball coaching authors fail to reach a useful balance between the two.  Here is an exception.  Jerry Krause (Head of research for the National Association of Basketball Coaches), Don Meyer (one of the most successful coaches in America) and his son Jerry Meyer have done a superb job of putting this artful work together. Click here for the complete review.
At this moment it is the best book on basketball fundamentals I have. Individual skills are very well described, with pictures, diagrams and example practices. As a coach I like the Critical Cue notes at the side of the page, these are very handy to refresh your teaching points before practice.
My rating 5/5

From Library Journal
In this instructor's guide, Krause, a 30-year coaching veteran, offers comprehensive assistance for developing a daily and seasonal basketball practice plan. Skill areas such as shooting, rebounding, fundamental movements, defensive and offensive play, ball handling, and team concepts are organized into a workable format. Tips for coaches on overcoming specific problem areas are included, as well as suggestions for basic practice drills. However, the book's real strength is in its emphasis on teaching basketball fundamentals correctly. Basketball Skills is an outstanding resource, potentially valuable to novice as well as experienced basketball coaches. It is highly recommended for serious sports collections.
- Kenneth Tillman, Trenton State Coll., N.J.
Copyright 1991 Reed Business Information, Inc.

Coaches' Quarterly/Winter 2002
This publication provides a perfect blueprint for building the foundation every well-rounded player needs.  Click here for the complete review.

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