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NABC's Coaching Basketball (3rd Edition)

Edited by: Dr. Jerry Kruase & Roger Pimm

 Included is a comprehensive collection of articles on all phases of coaching basketball.  Authors include every NCAA Division I champion coaches plus champion coaches from high school, community college, NAIA, and NCAA Division II and III.  Many Hall of Fame coaches represented becomes a historical perspective of basketball.  This book is the "gold standard" for college level basketball theory classes.  A must for every coach - the total reference guide based on basketball history.  Know the game from the people who developed it.

Published by: Contemporary Books (McGraw-Hill)
Production Date: 2002
480 Pages
Soft Cover  8 1/2" x 11"
ISBN: 0-07138-210-0


Editorial Reviews

The Basketball Highway
There are so many books, videos, and coaching resources available to coaches these days that sometimes we can't see the forest for the trees.  This is a book that has been in print for nearly twenty years and was commissioned by the National Association of Basketball Coach's to help preserved articles and clinics from many of the games most famous and successful coaches.  Both the 1st (1980) and 2nd (1993) editions contained enough substantive material to keep any hungry coach busy searching it's pages.  What commonly occurs in new revised editions is that someone goes through and edits a bit of the material, adds a new cover, and re-release it.  This new 3rd edition (10 years since it was last updated) is a magnanimous effort to increase both the quantity and quality of the material. Credit should be given to Dr. Jerry Krause and Roger Pimm for a superb effort in gathering, integrating, and keeping the best of the past but bring this book up to the current state of the game.   Click here for the full review.

Lots of contributions from the best coaches. Pleasant to read and with the information I was looking for.
Subjects range form one to one offense to the triangle and two defense. All in all a great book to have as a coach. (Review based on previous release)
My rating 5/5
This book covers it all. From developing your coaching philosophy to Junk Defenses. I have used it to teach 15 year olds a full court press to 9 year olds the basics of footwork. I have over 15 books on basketball, yet this one never seems to make it back onto the shelf.  Click here for the full review.

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