Coach Jerry Krause - Winning Basketball Drills from NABC Coaches

Winning Basketball Drills from NABC Coaches

Edited by: Dr. Jerry Krause and James H. Conn

From the Introduction:

Basketball drills are only tools for a coach to use to teach the fundamental skills and tactics.  Drills need to be adapted to your coaching philosophy and system of play.  The  drill collection is a living history of the game; drills from the coaching pioneers, as well as newer coaches: drills from high school and college coaches and also from professional level coaches.

Published by: Coaches Choice   September 2000
212 Pages
Soft Cover  9.86" x 6.95"
ISBN: 1-58518-259-1




Editorial Reviews

The Basketball Highway

...Winning Drills from NABC Coaches is a very solid effort organized by one of the games best teacher's Dr. Krause (Gonzaga) who is committed to passing along the experiences of others in the coaching community to those younger coaches that will carry on the tradition of excellence in coaching. Click here for the complete review

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