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Basic Instructions....

  1. Make a new web...
    1. Go to File/New/Web (2000) or File/New/Page or Web (2002).
    2. In 2002, you will need to click "Web Template" in the right side taskbar.
    3. Choose the Flexible Sport web template, and specify the location you want to publish to.
    4. Click "OK" and wait for FrontPage to create your new web.
  2. Preview your new web...
    1. Go to File/Preview in Browser.
    2. Click on Internet Explorer and click Preview.
    3. A browser window will open with your new web. Preview the pages of the web and decide what pages will be in your web site.
  3. Modify your new web...
    1. Add new pages
      Open a page that has the layout the way you want it, then go to File/Save As. Save the page under a new name - be sure to change the page title as well! Then, go to Navigation View and drag your new page into the navigation structure. ]
    2. Rename existing pages
      If you would like to use an existing page but want to rename it, you may easily do this in Folders View. Right-click on the file name and/or the page title and choose "Rename" to rename your file.
    3. Delete pages from your web
      Right-click on the pages you wish to delete in your Folder List, in Folder View, or in Navigation View, then select "Delete."
    4. Add your own layout if necessary
      This page has been very carefully formatted with different nesting tables so that it resizes both vertically and horizontally. Do not drag on any table lines - you may "freeze" the page so that it no longer resizes properly. We also suggest that you do not directly add columns to this layout, as you may accidentally "freeze" the page so that it no longer resizes. Instead, delete the page template content, then go to Table/Insert/Table to add your own table in the center area. You may click within a table and go to Table > Select > Table to get a better idea of the table structure of this page.
      If you want to get rid of the right column, you will need to delete two cells -- the right column cell and the black "divider" cell. To do this, you will need to go through a few steps. First, click in the right column, go to Table > Select > Table and hit backspace to delete the first nested table. Then, click in the now empty table cell, hold, and drag to the left, then down to highlight the four right cells -- two cells on the right and the two "black" cells on the left. (When highlighted, the "black" cells will look white, and the grey cells will look black.) Right-click and select "Delete Cells."
    5. Add your content!
      Please see the Swish page for additional information on modifying the Swish movies. Click on the buttons on the left to view information about accessibility and logos.
  4. Publish your web!
    1. Go to File/Publish Web.
    2. Type in the URL of your web site. For example, If you don't want to overwrite your existing web site but just want to publish it temporarily to preview it, publish it to a subfolder like this:
    3. Type in your user name and password when prompted.
    4. If you are publishing to a new folder, FrontPage may prompt you to "create a new web." Go ahead and click OK.
    5. Then, click Publish. FrontPage will publish your web. When it's done, you'll be able to click to view your published site!


Special Instructions...

Open the include files (include_topbuttons.htm and include_copyright.htm to edit the top buttons or the copyright statement.

Edit the top right sport pictures as needed. You may change the pictures using the ones shown on the home page.

Edit your Team Name area. The "your team name" is a transparent gif that allows the team colors to show through on each page. You may want to use your own logo as a transparent gif, or within a defined "box" area, if you will be using multiple color schemes on different pages. If you'll be using the same color scheme on every page, you'll just want to make sure that your logo "blends in" with the background color.

Edit your team colors. If you go into HTML view, at the top of the page (usually "greyed-out") are some lines of code that look like this:

<style type="text/css">
.color1 { background-color: #1E238E }

.color2 { background-color: #F1D23D; font-size: 10pt; font-weight: bold; color: #000000; font-family: Verdana, Arial, Helvetica }


"color1" is the main, darker color, and "color2" is the lighter color. You will need to find the hexadecimal value of your team colors and replace the "#1E238E" and "#F1D23D." For a listing of colors, go to The colors listed here are "web-safe" colors, and may not completely match up with your team colors. If you need the code for your specific team colors, send us a digital logo and we'll give you the code for free. Email