Coach Jerry Krause - Basketball Skills Progression Book for youth basketball coaches by Jerry Krause, Curtis Janz and James Conn

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Basketball Progressions

By: Dr. Jerry V. Krause, Curtis Janz and James Conn

  • Focus on the correct skills to be taught at the appropriate time
  • Check your present plan of skill teaching
  • Provide a comprehensive guide for basketball skill teaching
  • Verify the content and timing of your approach to fundamental skills
  • Apply motor learning concepts to basketball
  • Fill the need for this companion guidebook to Basketball Skills and Drills

Coaches Jerry Krause of Gonzaga and Curtis Janz of Oklahoma Christian combine forces with renowned physical education and human performance specialist James H. Conn, Ph.D. to present this ground-breaking and easy-to-apply resource on how to systematically develop the abilities of youth basketball players from as early as age 4, through age 18. Identifies what “developmentally appropriate” skills should be taught and when is the best time to teach them in order to maximize ability, understanding, and enjoyment. Covers coaching philosophy for youth sports, changing the game for younger players, planning practices for younger players, as well as fundamental skills for lower elementary (grades K-3), upper elementary (grades 4-6), middle/junior high school (7-8), lower secondary (grades 9-10), and high school (grades 11-12). Ideal for coaches, teachers, and parents of athletes at any age and ability. Features over 150 photographs and illustrations. 

Companion guidebook to Basketball Skills and Drills

Publisher: Coaches Choice 2003
144 Pages
Soft Cover 
ISBN: 1585188573


Editorial Reviews

The Basketball Highway
... These authors have done us a favor by producing a book that focused more on the scientific laws of learning by age.  It's mind boggling that coaches spend a small fortune to buy the latest "fancy fifty full court defense" video but rarely take a look back at their own teaching methodology as the source failure.  If you are teaching youth players of any of these ages, this book should be required reading.  We give it 4 Hoops out of 5 for the teaching details, and 5 out of 5 for it's message.  Pay attention youth coaches this book is for you! Click here for complete review.

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