Coaching Tip - April / May 2004

Lessons from the Legends

One lesson passed on by many coaching legends was presented in my February/March, 2004 coaching tip - to leave a coaching legacy.  This means to know yourself, develop your unique talents and serve basketball / others by passing on that unique legacy.

When noticing that most outstanding coaches do indeed leave a special legacy to their players and the sport, I was struck with the idea that those worthwhile legacies were often lost or at least diminished when that coach left coaching or completed their career.  One of my former players went on to become a Hall of Fame coach himself but tragically died from cancer prematurely in his coaching/teaching career.  From these ideas come these conclusions:

  1. Outstanding coaches lave special legacies.  These I call "lessons from the legends" of basketball - worthwhile ideas concerning basketball and life that are worth learning.  This concept could be called "getting the best ideas from the best people in the coaching/teaching field."  Hall of fame coaches of any era can be mentors for us all!
  2. It is a worthwhile lesson to undertake the good of preserving the "best from the best" legacies.  It is my intent to gather and preserve as many basketball coaching legacies as possible in a series of "Lessons from the Legends" books.  The first three books in the series is at the publisher and will be available soon - Lessons from the Legends of the Naismith Basketball Coaches Hall of Fame.
  3. All coaches need to be open to learn the knowledge/experience lessons from successful coaches past.  What better arena to learn - get the best ideas from the best people in our field.


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