Coaching Tip - October / November 2004

Teaching/Coaching Younger Players

Coauthor Bruce Brown and I are very concerned with how younger players are exposed to basketball and learn the game.  In our opinion, there are too many:

We are developing a comprehensive basketball package for parents and coaches in youth basketball.  This package has been developed in cooperation with the preeminent basketball coaching organization in the United States, the National Association of Basketball Coaches (NABC), whose motto is "Guardians of the Game."

We advocate youth basketball focused on fun and fundamentals with coaches who primarily are interested in developing kids through sound basketball programs.  Parents are given information to evaluate youth basketball programs as well as prepare those parents who choose to coach teams in youth basketball.  In these programs, all players are encouraged to practice and play and be successful at some level.

The NABC instructional packet for youth basketball will consist of:

  1. Two Foundation Books
  2. Thirteen Videos (will also be available in DVD format)

Our hope is that parents and coaches will be able to develop worthwhile feeder programs for young people that will: 


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