Coaches Corner - February/March 2005

Develop Your Coaching Style

Coaches are often accused of being control freaks and many adopt an authoritarian style of coaching.  Much can be said for allowing all players and coaches input and voice into the leadership and decision making of a team.  There are many ways to coach and all coaches are encouraged to build their coaching style around their true personality.  Players today insist that coaches be themselves (be real and not be something you are not).  However, in this ever involving quest to develop a coaching style you should focus on factors over which you have control. 

One component of your coaching style is to teach your athletes and model for them a focus on controlling the important things in basketball (and life) in order to be successful.  Many athletes (and coaches) tend to waste time and effort on areas that are not under their control and become frustrated and concerned with these uncontrollable factors. 

Every person can be responsible for and take charge of three things: 

  1. Attitude  - Everyone can chose a positive attitude in even the toughest of circumstances.  The positive, optimistic approach is a strong factor related to success.  Faith and hope propel people forward and upward with possibility thinking.  Always choose a positive path.
  2. Actions - Choosing correct and positive actions can also contribute to success.  The friends you choose and the environment you surround yourself with are also important success factors.  You always can choose to work hard to improve and give your best effort.
  3. Responses - Life will knock you around if you let it.  But you don't have to let it.  Life and basketball are full of challenges.  Most of which you will tend to have automatic reactions with that often will be negative and disappointing.  Choose to make a learned positive response to all that happens to you, good and bad. 

You can't always control what happens to you.  You can, however, decide what to do about it or how to respond.  There is a positive, forward-looking way to respond to whatever may come your way in basketball (such as a turnover) or life (such as a mistake). 

Teach yourself to act/respond with positive purpose to each setback - find the value within.  Choose a response based not only on the situation but also on who you are and who you want to become as well as where you want to go.

So, a life/basketball lesson to teach and model for players is to develop to develop your coaching style around your unique personality.  Empower yourself and your players to focus on control of attitude, actions and responses.  Take responsibility for these three critical factors for success.


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