Basketball Skills and Drills Advanced  Volume 2: Basketball Scoring

Among the topics covered:

  • Lay-up shots:
    principles and techniques
    power lay-up
    developmental drills
  • Set/Jump Shots:
    principles and techniques
    developmental drills
  • Free throws:
    principles and techniques
    developmental drills

Produced by: Coaches Choice
Production Date: 2002
Running Time: Approx. 76 minutes
ISBN: 1-58518-626-01







Editorial Reviews

The Basketball Highway
...You can find other "shooting video's" that will provide you much more detail about actual shot mechanics, although this one is more than adequate with regards to shooting skills.  But most of them fall short when it comes to teaching a young player other fundamental elements of scoring which is where Basketball Scoring excels.  We give it 4 hoops out of 5 and feel that it's content hold true to the broader goal of this series of teaching body balance and quickness throughout all the drills and demonstrations.  It is a video which can expand your thinking on shooting and scoring concepts if you feel your "teaching well is running a bit dry."...Click here for the full review.


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