Advanced Basketball Skills and Drills Volume 3 Defense and Rebounding

Basketball Skills and Drills Advanced Volume 3: Defense and Rebounding

Among the topics covered:

  • Principles of sound defense
  • Defensive development drills
  • Principles of effective rebounding
  • Rebounding developmental drills
  • Defensive special situations

Produced by: Coaches Choice
Production Date: 2002
Running Time: Approx. 70 minutes
ISBN: 1-58518-625-2







Editorial Reviews

The Basketball Highway
...In summing up your perspective on Volume 3: Defense and Rebounding, we have seen individual defensive or rebounding videos which go into as much or more detail, but as a collection of ideas on defense and rebounding it packs a solid punch.  It seems no matter what your experience as a coach, if you have an open mind there is always something to learn from coaches such as Meyer and Krause who are amongst the best in the game at coaching methodology.  Of the four videos in this Advanced Basketball Series, this one least surprises you with new ideas, but it is comprehensive and accurate.  It doesn't stand heads above other defensive or rebounding videos but it does cover all the important elements of each skill and should not be dismissed as lacking even if it doesn't shock you with some new innovative ideas.  Like any good team, Defense and Rebounding simply gets the job done.  We give this video 3 1/2 hoops out of 5....Click here for the full review.


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