Basketball Skills and Drills Video Volume 7 Getting Open to Score

Basketball Skills and Drills Volume 7: Getting Open to Score

Among the topics covered:

  • Moving with purpose
  • Reading the defense and the ball
  • Being in a perfect position to catch the ball
  • Losing the defender
  • Movement mechanics
  • Making different types of cuts
  • Developmental Drills

VHS, DVD, or Download
Produced by: Coaches Choice
Production Date: 2002/2006
Running Time: Approx. 41 minutes
ISBN: 1-58518-614-7






Editorial Reviews

The Basketball Highway
...As one might expect from a man with forty years of coaching experience, this video is full of solid fundamentals and handy teaching tips.  The video is effectively put together using on-court demonstrations and drills.  Krause’s teaching manner is concise and easily understood as he first demonstrates techniques in slow motion.  Although the Reminders and Skills section is somewhat repetitive, it does help to underscore various concepts introduced earlier as well as adding a few new wrinkles.  If the basketball coach has a couple of Toss Backs around, this video certainly will show you how to put them to good use.  All in all, this is an informative video that focuses on an important area of the game.  It provides sound, practical advice for moving without the ball and the drills could be easily incorporated into practice for coaches at every level...Click here for the full review.


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